Veterinarian Accepting New Clients in Morgan Hill, CA

Our South County Animal Hospital team is so


to meet new furry friends and provide exceptional service to those who love them! We want to welcome you to our animal hospital where the comfort and safety of pets, our clients, and staff are our top priority.

or call us at (408) 779-6867.

What to Expect

South County Animal Hospital strives to provide the best possible care to the pets of Morgan Hill, CA. We are committed to working alongside pet parents to ensure their beloved companions receive the care and attention they deserve.

We ask that you arrive early to your appointment to grant our team time to review your paperwork and bring any previous medical records with you as well. Your veterinarian will perform a physical exam to assess your pet and help establish a baseline of health for them. We recommend these exams twice a year to evaluate the following:

  • Clear eyes, ears, and nose
  • Heart and respiration
  • Abdomen palpation
  • Suitable bite placement
  • Signs of infection or parasites
  • Body condition

We can also administer vaccinations and answer any questions you have about your dog or cat’s care. A similar process will occur during your pet’s bi-annual exams.

Please ensure your pet is secured in a crate or on a leash while waiting for your appointment in our waiting room. We also ask that all pets be up to date on vaccinations. This is to help make certain all other pets, clients and staff are safe and comfortable while in our animal hospital.

South County Animal Hospital requires complete payment at the time services are provided. We accept most major debit and credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and CareCredit for the convenience of our clients.

We can provide care for dogs and cats of every age, but are glad to provide referrals for other pets as well!

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I understand that payment is expected at the time services are rendered. I hereby authorize the staff of South County Animal Hospital to render any treatment which is deemed necessary to the health of my pet(s) while in custody of the hospital. I understand that in the event of any unusual or emergency circumstances, the staff will make every attempt to contact me or my designated representatives before, if time permits, proceeding with the treatment. I understand that I will be financially responsible for all emergency procedures including the Estimate of Charges provided to me in person or over the telephone. I understand that a deposit is required for all pets admitted to the hospital. I understand that if my account is not kept in good standing, a finance fee of $25 will be added to the account and it will be forwarded to a third-party collections agency, which may affect my credit rating. I understand that photos/videos may be taken of my pet for training or marketing purposes.

Get the best care for your best friend.