Cat and Dog Vaccinations
in Morgan Hill, CA

Part of keeping your pet

happy & healthy

includes providing them with the proper care to maintain their immunity and protect them from serious illness or disease. At South County Animal Hospital, we recommend scheduling a vaccination appointment twice a year to ensure your pet maintains adequate protection. Your veterinarian can create a vaccination plan more specific to your pet’s needs based on their age and vaccination history.

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The Importance of Core Vs. Non-Core Vaccines for Pets

All pets are at risk of contracting certain viruses or diseases regardless of whether they are considered outdoor or indoor pets. Viruses can easily enter your home through an open window, or your pet can be exposed during a quick potty break, or during an encounter with another animal whose vaccinations aren’t up to date. These viruses can have harsh effects on your pet, which can fortunately be prevented through regular dog and cat vaccinations. To learn more about pet vaccinations, visit the ASPCA website.

Protecting Your Pet Wherever You Go

If you’re planning to travel with your pet, please let our team know well in advance so we can help ensure your pet is healthy and prepared for travel. Certain countries have various health requirements for pets, and no matter where you’re flying, airlines have specifications for traveling with dogs and cats as well. We can provide the proper certifications and testing as well as perform a physical examination, administer the necessary vaccinations, and microchip your pet if necessary. Be sure to research the requirements for your destination and preferred method of travel and let our team know as soon as possible!

Dog and Cat Vaccinations We Offer

All dogs and cats should receive core or required vaccinations. However, we may recommend certain vaccines for pets based on their health and risk of exposure. If your pet spends time in an area where their risk of exposure is heightened, we may recommend a non-core or optional vaccine to boost their protection.

Below are the core and non-core vaccines we offer for dogs and cats:


This canine distemper vaccine protects your dog from a combination of distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus. These potentially deadly diseases can greatly affect your dog’s immune system which is why we recommend this as a core vaccine.

The Bordetella vaccine strengthens your pet’s immunity toward the upper respiratory infection known as kennel cough. Your veterinarian may recommend this vaccine if your dog often encounters other dogs at boarding facilities, daycare, or dog parks.

This bacterial disease is also a zoonotic disease, meaning it can affect animals and humans by causing liver and kidney damage. Infection occurs through exposure to infected wild animals, or infected urine or water. To maintain proper protection, we recommend dogs receive two initial doses three weeks apart and then annually after that.

All domesticated dogs are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies in Morgan Hill, CA as part of their puppy shots. This disease attacks the brain and spinal cord of animals and humans. Your dog should receive a booster shot as an adult one year after their first vaccination and then every three years following to maximize protection.

The Lyme disease vaccine can protect your dog from this tick-borne disease and is considered a non-core vaccine that your veterinarian may recommend based on you and your pet’s lifestyle.

This non-core vaccine is usually only recommended depending on your pet’s lifestyle and chances of encountering a rattlesnake. Your veterinarian can provide more information at your pet’s next visit.


This cat vaccine provides your feline with protection from herpes virus, calici, panleukopenia. This should be administered as part of their kitten shots to offer your kitten adequate protection.

Feline leukemia virus can cause a range of cancerous conditions that you may not even know about due to lack of visible symptoms. Because of this, the cat FELV vaccine is vital to your pet’s quality of life.

Rabies also affects your feline’s brain and spinal cord and can potentially spread to your human family as well. We recommend this vaccine to be administered along with the kitten shots after 12 weeks of age with additional annual boosters in the Purevax® form.

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