Offering Cat and Dog Pain Relief
in Morgan Hill, CA

At South County Animal Hospital, your pet’s comfort is our

#1 priority.

Dogs and cats can experience pain just like we do, and it’s our goal to help manage and even provide pain relief to pets. Whether it’s caused by an injury, surgery, or chronic illness, we are here to help keep your pet comfortable and maintain their quality of life.

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Acute Pain

Acute pain is normally due to an injury, surgery, inflammation, or infection and is usually relieved when the cause is treated or healed. Despite this, it can still cause your pet a lot of discomfort and inhibit them from moving as freely as they usually do. Luckily, we can offer treatment to provide cat and dog pain relief.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain develops over an extended period of time and lasts just as long. It can be caused by conditions such as bone disease, cancer or arthritis, all of which may be painful to our companions. Unfortunately, chronic pain can persist throughout the length of your pet’s life. Your veterinarian can create a pain management plan tailored to help control your pet’s pain and preserve their quality of life.

Is My Pet In Pain?

It is in our pet’s instinct to hide outward signs of pain, so it can be more difficult to determine if they require care. If you notice any of the following symptoms or behaviors, we recommend bringing your pet to South County Animal Hospital, so we can create a pain management plan and hopefully provide dog or cat pain relief:

Get the best care for your best friend.