Spay and Neuter
in Morgan Hill, CA

South County Animal Hospital is equipped to provide routine spay and neuter surgery for dogs and cats in Morgan Hill, CA. These common surgical procedures can offer an

array of benefits

for your pet and help reduce pet overpopulation in our area. Our team can offer recommendations as to when spaying or neutering your dog or cat would be most beneficial to their health and walk you through various benefits of these procedures.

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Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

The experienced team at South County Animal Hospital can perform this safe, routine procedure for your pet to provide them with numerous health and behavioral benefits including:

Prevention of Female Pets’ Heat Cycles

Spaying your pet at the appropriate age can completely prevent female pets from experiencing any highly uncomfortable heat cycles. In addition, heat cycles increase roaming tendencies in dogs and cats, which can put their safety at risk. We recommend spaying your pet before their first heat cycle.

Improving Male Dog and Cat Behavior

From a young age, male pets may exhibit more territorial or aggressive behavior such as spraying, marking, roaming, or mounting. We can recommend when to schedule cat or dog neuter surgery to avoid this behavior and improve the overall temperament of your pet.

Reducing Pet Overpopulation in Morgan Hill, CA

Spay and neuter surgery, also known as cat or dog sterilization, can prevent unwanted pregnancies and therefore help decrease the local homeless pet population to better ensure rescued pets find permanent homes and receive the care they may require.

Encouraging Healthier and Happier Pets

At South County Animal Hospital, it is our goal to maintain your pet’s quality of life, which is why we recommend spay and neuter surgery for all pets. These surgeries can decrease the risk of specific cancers or diseases in both male and female pets. Neutering male pets can avoid the enlargement and infection of the prostate gland, and act as a cure for testicular cancer. Spaying can save female pets from developing pyometra, a fatal uterine infection, and mammary cancer.

Get the best care for your best friend.