Caring for Your Senior Pets
in Morgan Hill, CA

As your pet gets older, we want to help them age with grace. Senior pets are those


and may require more frequent visits to South County Animal Hospital. Our team can assess your dog or cat’s health and address any potential health problems before they become more serious.

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Determining Your Pet’s Age

Dog Years VS Human Years

7 dog years = 44 – 56 years
10 dog years = 56 – 78 years
15 dog years = 76 – 115 years
20 dog years = 96 – 120 years

Cat Years VS Human Years

7 cat years = 54 years
10 cat years = 63 years
15 cat years = 78 years
20 cat years = 97 years

Best Possible Care for Their Golden Years

Senior pets are more susceptible to health problems as they age, which is why we recommend bi-annual senior pet wellness exams for a thorough assessment of your dog or cat’s health including vaccinations, lab testing, and a comprehensive physical exam. This allows our team to stay up to date on your pet’s health and provide appropriate treatment such as dog or cat pain management to help ensure your companion’s comfort. Senior pets are at an increased risk of developing more serious health problems including:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Certain types of cancer

Bi-annual exams enable us to track your pet’s health and can offer early disease detection to supply your pet with more effective treatment.

What Can I Do for My Senior Pet?

Timely veterinary visits are vital to your pet’s well-being, but there are plenty of ways to provide comfort for your senior pet in your very own home:

  • Adding a rug over slick floors or placing a ramp near beds and couches are simple ways to help improve your pet’s mobility around the house.
  • Feel free to take your senior pet on short walks around the neighborhood, or maybe play a relaxed game of fetch in the yard. Exercise is just as important for older pets because it increases their mobility, brightens their mood, and helps avoid weight gain.
  • A nice cozy bed with a soft cover or blanket can offer a comfortable spot for your companion to rest.
  • The next time you’re at the store, check your dog or cat’s food and make sure it’s formulated for their age group to encourage proper digestion and caloric intake.
  • Always keep a close eye on your pets, but especially your senior pet. Let your veterinarian know if you notice any deviation from their normal behaviors, as this may signal a change in their health.

Get the best care for your best friend.